Intranasal vaccination

Intranasal vaccination - 'the healthy sneeze' for cats
...and kittens.

The most effective way to combat Bordetella bronchiseptica (Bb) is to inoculate cats at the site of infection: in the nose itself. For this reason, an intranasal vaccine is given directly into the nose. A single droplet of vaccine is dropped into one of the cat's nostrils. It sounds difficult, but actually the application is quick, easy and painless.

Because it is dropped into the nose, the cat's reaction to the vaccination may be to sniff or sneeze! This is perfectly normal and means that the vaccine has been administered correctly. Do not worry that the vaccine has been "sneezed out" because an effective amount will remain in the cat's nose.

Cats can be vaccinated very shortly before admission into a cattery. The protection lasts for 1 year so booster vaccinations are only necessary once a year.

Vaccinating against Bb will help in the fight against respiratory disease by:

  • leading to a reduction of Bb-associated respiratory disease
  • reducing the potential cost of antibiotics
  • 'stopping the kitten killer'
This in turn will:
  • improve the welfare of the cats under your care
  • show your customers that you really care for the safety of their cats and
  • lead to more satisfied customers (and cats!)
Administration of the Nobivac Bb vaccine into the nose is simple and provides rapid protection against Bordetella bronchiseptica infection.

The administration of an intranasal vaccine is simple and provides rapid protection against disease caused by Bb infection.