What cat owners should do

advise for owners planning to board their cats

Since cats in rescue centres are often stressed they are at particular risk of developing respiratory disease caused by Bb. Young kittens are most susceptible to the severe form of this disease, which in some cases proves fatal. Owners obtaining a new cat from a rescue centre should be advised to avoid the risk by ensuring that it has been protected by vaccination with Nobivac® Bb for cats.

advise for owners of cats or kittens from rescue centres

Owners planning to board their cat in a cattery should be advised to ensure their vaccinations are up to date before admission. Recommended vaccination for complete protection would include an injection to protect against 'cat flu' viruses (herpes and calici viruses) and feline enteritis and intranasal vaccination to protect against Bb. Administration of Nobivac® Bb for cats into the nose provides rapid protection (within 72 hours). Cats can be vaccinated as late as 72 hours before admission into a cattery and still have full protection against Bb. This protection lasts for 1 year so booster vaccinations are only necessary once a year.