Protecting the at risk cat

Breeding and rescue shelters should:

  • vaccinate all resident cats on an annual basis,
  • vaccinate all new entrants to the colony/shelter ideally at least 72 hours prior to mixing or, at least, on entry,
  • vaccinate queens prior to mating to maximise passive immunity for kittens,
  • vaccinate kittens before exposure to adult cats from 4 weeks of age.

Kittens should be weaned into isolation at 3-4 weeks (before maternal immunity has waned) if the queen is likely to be a carrier.

Recommendations for introduction of new stock into breeding colonies and rescue shelters:
  • only introduce confirmed Bb-negative breeding stock or stock from a colony with no history of respiratory disease
  • institute a three week isolation period prior to introduction of new stock and vaccinate prior to mixing

In cases of severe ongoing disease it may be necessary to consider the testing and removal of chronic shedders.